Our Year in Review: 2017

It’s been another glorious year Alternatively Traveling the known reaches of this gradually warming world. Trying to sum up a year is a difficult task, but we’re going to try giving it a go. 2017 started in Bucharest, Romania, ringing in the new year at a vegan Couchsurfing dinner party that lasted until 6 am. […]

TrustedHousesitters Review (And Tips for Using It!)

Do you want to save more money while traveling, and travel more sustainably, while making real local connections? House sitting checks all of the above boxes, and like responsible tourism, has become one of the latest travel trends, especially for budget travelers.  If you came here looking for a TrustedHousesitters review, chances are you already […]

Eco-Friendly Travel Gear (all Vegan too!)

Do you care about the environment but like traveling? Unfortunately, conventional travel tends to accumulate a lot of waste. The plastic water bottles. The plastic grocery and shopping bags. The takeaway containers and coffee cups.  You try to make coffee wherever you’re staying but then have to buy filters because there’s never any. What’s an […]