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Hi! We’re Sam and Veren, a couple from NYC that has set forth to explore the world – in an alternative, sustainable way. Throughout 2015, we had talked about making a change from living in New York, a place that is wonderful to visit but difficult (read: insanely expensive) to live in. That summer, we roadtripped throughout Colorado and New Mexico, and shortly after returning to New York, we knew it was time for that change.

Saving for a year and selling our house and our possessions wasn’t an option for us to fund our travels, as we worked jobs that paid little (teaching and writing), didn’t own property, and were already minimalists by nature. But as we’re both stubborn and not easily deterred, we decided to get creative. We had already enjoyed housesitting for friends and family here and there, so we joined a housesitting website and began sending out applications to housesits for a few months or longer. In October, Sam transitioned to freelancing on the side to freelancing full-time, and on January 1st, we landed a three-month housesitting gig in Salt Lake City, which was followed by another housesitting gig, and another, and another…

We quickly fell in love with housesitting as it allows us to explore new places at a slow pace while leaving us free to work on our own projects. We’re about the process, not the destination, meaning we let ourselves be flexible and take opportunities that come to us, instead of seeking out a place just because it’s been on a Top 10 List.

This way of traveling also actually allows us to be less dependent on money. We now can spend more time on other things that don’t make us money (at least not immediately), like Sam writing a book, or Veren working on a film, or us both writing this blog. Or a million other things, like taking photographs, going for hikes, learning new languages, and staying physically active. All things which make us feel great, happy, and fulfilled.

We started this blog in part to show others that travel – and life – doesn’t have to be expensive. This isn’t exactly a new concept  – there are tons of budget backpackers out there. But it’s still about the destination, about going to the same places and just spending less money. We’re open to going anywhere an opportunity arises, because travel is about new experiences and getting out of your comfort zone.

When we travel, we like to seek out the best local vegan food, do some urban exploring to find hidden gems, and generally be active in any way we can. We love cities for the wealth of offerings available, but also enjoy the outdoors – from the mountains to the desert. Living a plant-based lifestyle is an important part of sustainable living and traveling as it keeps us healthy and feeling great and drastically reduces our carbon footprint.

We hope to show that in this life you have as many options as you have imagination.

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Sam and Veren have joined forces to become the Internet Blogging superhero, AlternativeTravelers. Blending two creative styles (and stubborn brains) together - some would call this a miracle.

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