• Romania
  • An Unexpected Adventure in Bucharest

    Much like Bilbo suddenly finding himself in the middle of an unexpected adventure full of elves, dragons, dwarves, and jewels, we never expected to find ourselves in Bucharest in the dead of winter. Ok, maybe minus the mystical creatures, but Bucharest was magical in its own way. Nicknamed the “Paris of the East,” Bucharest is […]

  • Germany
  • Berlin Vegan Guide

    When two super dulce Italianos asked us to housesit and take care of their equally amiable Italian shadow cat named Giulio in Berlin this February we jumped at the chance. We had been in touch with them previously because we applied to their listing on Trusted Housesitters for Christmas, but they were already booked. A couple […]

  • Spain
  • Carnival in Madrid: A Photo Essay

    Last weekend we had a chill weekend planned of hanging out and writing. But when a friend of ours told us the Carnival parade happening on Sunday, we couldn’t pass up the chance to check out what Carnival in Madrid was like! Carnival, or Carnaval in Spanish, is a Catholic celebration that takes place every […]